Custom Home Builders

You are one of the custom home builders, craftsmen, and imagineer of spaces not yet created. Your job has you strained beyond comprehension. You are getting beaten up right and left and no one seems to get the fact that you have a living to make too.

So what will set you above the rest?

Generally speaking, there are three different types of custom home builders in the world.

Those who want to simply build a house and turn a profit. To them, it is that simple. They have the same subs, the same plans, the same everything. They have built the same house five or ten times in the past. This has brought them a measure of success in the past, sounds reasonable, right?

Next, you have the a builder who wants to be able to build the same house over and over, but realizes the difficulty of marketing to buyers who have more options than ever. He sees the value in producing the better product, but is leery of taking a risk. He upgrades here and there while replicating the same product.

Finally, you have the builders that builds the homes they would live in themselves. Others perceived it as “overkill” and in the past, when anyone could build a house and it would sell, that might be true.

However, in a competitive market, with extremely educated buyers, a unique and thoughtfully prepared home will make all the difference. It gives the builder a creative ability to market that home.

Sub Division Developers

With great opportunity comes great risk. As a developer, you are an entrepreneur in that you take this risk and have entire developments to build, maintain, and market.

  • There is a lot to do.
  • There is a lot to manage.
  • You need a superior product that will be easy to manage, market and sale.

This is where Elements House Plans come in.

You have been in the developments with row upon row of the same roof line, the same colors, the same everything. It is like a domino effect of living spaces. The buyer will notice this and will dread the thought of having another “cookie-cutter” home.

Offer something more.

We offer the ability to have your cake and eat it too. Allow us to take your plat and hand select plans for your neighborhood (community, development, investment). Give us your parameters to stay in; square footage range and price point. Do you have a theme or a specific look in mind? Allow us to help you cultivate your ideas into a plan that will be successful for you and your investment.

The Elements Approach

For two decades, Elements has been in the business of being aware of what will sell. In the past three years, intentional steps have been taken to be the firm that will not only help builders survive, but also be profitable in any market.

  • We link you with a consultant who understand the market and the issues at hand.
  • Pre-Sales are our goal. We act as an extension of your company, meeting with your clients, customizing home designs and representing you to the highest level.
  • We don’t create plans to sit on marketing websites. Our stock plans were once custom designs for a client.
  • We market your available houses and lots for sale on our website.
  • Our marketing materials help your floor plans have a hi-end feel and represent you in a professional manner.
  • We offer 3D versions of the plans with specific schedules and inventory counts.
  • Link you with our office with video conferencing capabilities, allowing for meetings and plan reviews at the click of a button.
  • Offer expedited turn around and special pricing.

It will cost you nothing to meet with one of our consultants. The question is, what could it cost you if you don’t?